Bozeman and neighboring towns within the greater Bozeman district have outpaced all other Montana cities in utility hook up orders in 2015. As new utility hook ups are one of the best ways to measure a town’s growth, its clear the Gallatin Valley is attracting new residents.

The data was taken from a report measuring electric and gas connections from 2013 through this year. Utility hook ups have increased year-over-year since 2013. Bozeman outpaced Butte and Helena with approximately 1,000 new electric connections in 2015. Billings only had around half the number of connections made. There have also been 600 gas hook ups so far this year, compared to 400 in 2013.

Bozeman and the greater area are in a construction boom and have been for a few years now.

Interestingly, construction growth receded slightly in 2015. 94 single family home permits were issued through September 2014, but this year only 81 permits have been approved. Of course, these numbers are in direct comparison and were major steps up from the number of permits approved during the recession. In addition, the number of permit applications has gone up drastically, even if they are not meeting approval requirements.

As Bozeman grows, it will need to be managed by city officials. However, the recent economic and real estate growth has been much needed, so Bozeman will need to find a fine line between solid economic growth while maintaining the beautiful open spaces that attract so many to the Gallatin Valley.