Bozeman’s reputation as one of the nation’s most livable towns continues to grow as the town was recently honored as the 4th best college town in the United States. Last year, Bozeman was honored as the 11th most livable town in the United States (regardless of age group).

The report, put together by Smart Asset, looked for the most charming and vibrant places to live for high school and college age students, looking at the areas that surround their potential schools of interest. The rankings are based on a city’s crime and unemployment rates, average incomes for its residents, housing costs and the availability of dining and entertainment.

Smart Asset pointed to several categories that put Bozeman above many other cities in the nation. Bozeman’s proximity to Yellowstone National Park not only provides a great, natural activity for the area, but also helps drive the local economy and provide jobs for many college age students. On a similar note, Bozeman’s low unemployment rate and its booming economy also provide great draws for non-locals to the area.

Of course, Bozeman’s outdoor activities remain far above the norm for a college town. Bozeman is close to premiere fly-fishing, skiing, backpacking, ice climbing and mountain biking. Last year, Bozeman was honored as a top 25 ski town in the entire world, not just the nation. The town itself is also riddled with walking trails and parks. At night, symphonies, concerts, theatre productions, bars and breweries provide a good night life for those looking for late-night entertainment.

Other cities that scored in the top ten included Princeton, New Jersey; Kearney, Nebraska; Boulder, Colorado and Ann Arbor, Michigan.