What Clients Say About Tim Hart

What Clients Say About Tim Hart

Here's what past clients have said about Tim Hart:

"The best agent I could have possibly had"

Finding a house in Bozeman from Temple, TX, appeared complicated.  My possibilities for being on the ground in Bozeman (with my wife) would be limited.  I needed more than just help.  I needed someone who would listen to my needs, be respectful of my budget, and who cared more about the best fit for us than the best deal for him.  I needed someone I could trust, someone who was willing to do (more than) a little extra.

When I met Tim Hart I sensed that I had found my man, and my experience with him over the past year have proved him to be the best agent I could have possibly had.  My first encounter with Tim was through his website, one of the most most user-friendly sites I had found in my frantic searching.  The website led to phone conversations.  I finally got to meet him personally and felt completely at peace with his style.  He is extremely knowledgeable of the market in this area and knows each neighborhood's distinct characteristics.  After a couple of viewings he had an uncanny sense of what we were looking for.  If we insisted on viewing a property that he was not optimistic about our satisfaction, his instincts proved true every time.  And yet he was patient and NEVER pushy.  He gave us the time we needed to make decisions that pleased us.  We love our new place!

However, finding the house we wanted was only the beginning.  Perhaps people relocating across town have a much simpler time of transition and need little extra assistance.  We were 1500 miles away and totally handicapped when imagining how to put everything together.  Tim made it happen.  First, we had trouble with our mortgage broker.  We had been approved through underwriting for a mortgage amount above what we were going to need.  It seemed simple.  But then the broker hit us with the news that they couldn't finance the home because it was a part of a condominium complex that was only 63% complete.  The home is actually part of a duplex in a neighborhood with a broad Home Owners Association that functions as a condo. The final project will be the addition of more quality homes like ours.  It didn't matter.  We were stuck.  Tim to the rescue!  He got us in contact with a local bank's mortgage broker and everything eventually came together.  He also managed the local connections for inspector, appraiser, blind contractors, and cabinet contractor (we had requested additional cabinets as a condition of sale).  He even introduced us to managers of a couple of furniture stores and gave us a tour of The Ridge Athletic Center!  An issue I would have never thought of for the inspector was a Radon gas test.  Tim insisted on it.  Good thing!  Our basement had levels above the recommended level and Tim had us include a Radon gas exhaust system as a condition of sale.  Now we are safe as well.

Tim is a professional, but also a great human being.  He cares about people and he works hard easing their load during the stressful times of transition.  I have worked with good agents several times in Texas and Saskatchewan, but Tim Hart has been the one with whom I have felt the most comfortable. I feel like I am more than just a client.  I not only have a new home in Bozeman, I have a new friend! 

~Bill Fowler

"In a business usually populated by pretenders and part-timers, Tim Hart is a professionals' professional. 

With intimate knowledge of both residential and commercial markets, Tim's strategic differentiator is service.  From taking the time to understand our needs (location for schools, type of neighborhood, architectural style), through the negotiation of price and finally the details of the close, Tim not only advised us, but led the process--and always with patience and understanding. 

Best of all, as clients moving from out of state, Tim helped us ensure a smooth transition, with advice on everything from how to handle city utilities, where to find yard services and a local contractor, and even recommendations for restaurants.  We endorse Tim without hesitation, and will use him again for our future Gallatin Valley real estate transactions!" ~Andy and Mary Harris

I am an experienced buyer and seller of homes, as well as a person with high expectations - so don’t take this lightly:  Tim and Lori Hart truly floored me.

They did a phenomenal job in selling my downtown Bozeman home. Here’s why: first, Lori created a very professional market analysis so we could price it just right. Note: it was much different than the others I had done prior. Then, Lori went on to do a pre-home inspection and put together a punch list of what needed to be done to avoid issues during showings or due diligence. But she didn’t stop there; she went on to play general contractor, getting the right people lined up and scheduled to do the minor repairs.

Meanwhile, Tim was doing his in-person and online marketing magic, so when the house went on the market, it sold within hours, and for over asking price!! I am telling everyone that when you hire the Tim Hart Team, you are getting not just “a realtor” but a PACKAGE DEAL, comprised of people that know how to get it done with professionalism, integrity, and speed. Two thumbs up, five stars, and a standing ovation for the Harts!!  BRAVO!!!!!!! ~Jen Boulden

It was great working with Tim and I would recommend him to anyone searching for a home in the Bozeman area. Tim is very internet savvy and when you are an out-of-market buyer like we were, the internet is a key initial component for doing a house search. Tim would email us listings on a weekly basis so we developed a feel for the Bozeman market prior to our arrival.  Once we arrived in Bozeman, Tim had a strong sense for what we were looking for and found us a home that we closed on in two days.  He was very point-of-impact which is great. ~ Mark Killip

"Tim did an outstanding job selling our house!  As first time home sellers, we didn't know how the process of selling a house would go.  We were so pleased that he took the time to answer all of our questions.  We never felt in the dark or left alone through the whole process.  Tim made time for us and took this single house sale very seriously.

Tim has also surrounded himself with a wonderful team.  From the initial house pictures through closing, everything was done very well." ~McKenzie Family

We were so thrilled with the service, concern, and expertise that Tim Hart showed us as our Realtor. The process of finding our first home was an involved and often emotional one for us, and Tim really went beyond the call of duty in walking us through every step of the process. Throughout our dealings Tim was always easily available and involved with our decision process. We always felt like Tim was always in our corner and truly wanted to find the best home for us; we could always ask as many questions as we wanted and were never pressured into anything we didn't want. Tim has a wonderful wealth of knowledge not only about the neighborhoods and construction companies of the area, but about the entire process of homebuying. Tim was also understanding of our fluctuating schedules and always did his best to accommodate us. At one point we had to put our home search on hold for a month and Tim was perfectly understanding; he kept in touch with us but never pressured us or made us feel that we were wasting his time. Furthermore, our two-year-old son was often with us when we were looking at homes, and Tim was as genuinely kind and attentive to him as he was to us. We always felt like we were valued as individuals and as a family, not just as a means to a bottom line.

We would absolutely recommend Tim Hart to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He is a kind, thoughtful, thorough, and knowledgeable professional and his integrity and personal attention made this process really memorable and painless for us! ~Aspen Hougen and Nick Burgard  

As a young couple buying our first home, we had no idea what to expect in the house hunting and purchasing process. We are confident that Divine guidance brought us to Tim, for without his help in every detail, we would not have found the perfect house for us as quickly and smoothly as we did! He is extremely familiar with the Gallatin Valley, as he was able to identify the best areas to fit our needs after asking just a few simple questions. He never pressured us into buying or looking at something we were not open to, but when we did seek his advice, it was consistently informative and helpful. He was always one step ahead of us, ensuring every detail was being taken care of, from the bank and title company, to previous owners and houses not yet on the market, etc. He stayed in constant communication with everyone involved, whether through text, email, or a phone call, and worked after business hours to accommodate our schedule. Our relationship with Tim began professionally and grew personally. I can confidently say he made our closing date more special than any other realtor could have done. The process of finding a home is one of the most important journeys you will take, and we would not recommend taking this journey without Tim at your side. ~Landon and Chelsea Bailey

"I have seen Tim go way beyond the call of duty..."

"As a Financial Advisor I have many opportunities to help clients with just about all aspects of their financial well being. That means needing to secure the services of attorneys, accountants and even real estate agents such as Tim. Because my clients rely on me to make sure that the people we use are truly professionals and good at what they do I personally hold them to some pretty lofty standards. I have found that Tim solidly meets those standards. I have seen Tim go way beyond the call of duty in his help and service to not only me but more importantly my clients. I have full confidence in Tim and I believe any one that uses him to either buy or sell a home would come to the same conclusion once they got to know him not only as an agent but as an individual." ~Jim  

"Tim, thanks for all of your help along the way. Even before we listed the property you were making it easier for us to know how to ready the property and providing the ease of access to do so. Thank you for being candid and honest during the whole process. Working with you removed much of the anxiety created by distance, unfamiliarity with market, contractors, and the selling process as it has evolved since we last completed a real estate transaction many years ago. Since both Cole and Casey love the Bozeman area, maybe someday our family will work with you again. Casey even named his son “Bridger” after those awesome mountains!  Thanks again! ~ Diane R.

"Tim Hart was invaluable in helping us find the right home when we moved to Bozeman. He worked hard to understand our needs, listened to our concerns and provided valuable information on neighborhoods and builders. His attention to detail and broad network of relationships helped to secure a timely inspection and ensure a smooth closing. Tim’s professionalism during the buying process convinced us to engage him to interview and recommend a selling agent for our home in another state, saving us a great deal of time and stress. I would highly recommend Tim as an excellent agent who always puts his clients’ needs first." ~Scott MacCall

Tim Hart from Bozeman Broker Group Real Estate has been the best realtor we could hope for. He used all of his offices resources to find us a house that perfectly matched our wants, needs and financial requirements. Tim insured our success by making our search his search. His attention to detail insured our purchase was at the best price and all needed purchase steps were completed stress free. We came from another state so Tim gave us specific info/contacts about utilities, insurance and needed businesses, in the area, insuring our smooth transition. THANK YOU Tim for fulfilling our dream!!
~Mike and Debbie Marjanen

We have used Tim Hart for several of our real estate transactions in the past few years and would commend him for his integrity, availability and knowledge of his field.  When we had questions, he was eager and willing to answer those questions without hesitation.  We felt that he was going to do the best deal for us and never felt pressured in any of our decisions, yet felt that he was someone who had enough experience that we were confident in the suggestions he gave to us. ~Dave and Jennie Lockie

As first time home buyers, Tyson and I had much to learn.  We knew we wanted to buy but were quite unaware of all that can happen in this grand endeavor.  We decided to start researching on our own but were in need of guidance. That’s when Tyson’s dad, Barry, gave Tim a call all the way from Boston, Massachusetts.  Barry is a caring man who always looks out for his son and pursued Tim without our knowledge. Tim took the time to talk to Barry on the phone and after many questions were answered and laughs exchanged, Barry decided that Tyson and I needed to meet with Tim.  From day one, Tim made us feel comfortable asking questions and devoted much of his time to educate us on the entire real estate process.  We never felt any pressure from Tim while looking at properties. He gave us the facts without offering his opinion unless we asked for it. He is a very intuitive person and knows when his clients like or dislike something. Tim’s experience, patience and kindness helped us finally find the house that we instantly fell in love with.  We began the process of buying this house and Tim gracefully walked us through every step and every hiccup along the way.  Because Tim has developed a reputation in the community as not only a Realtor but as a quality individual, he was able to put us in touch with all of the right people to help with everything from lending to the inspection.  So many times he went out of his way to answer our questions and be a true friend while listening to our concerns.  He also took time on his weekend to show the house to my visiting family.  He was always easy to reach and he always made our best interest his priority.   He became a trusted friend and a guide into this world of house ownership.  I know that we would not have our dream home if it were not for Tim’s diligence, attention to detail and his compassion for clients.  I would recommend Tim Hart and his services to anyone looking to have a great experience in buying a home. ~Tyson Webb and Amanda Smith

We were looking to purchase a lot to build a home on in Bozeman, MT while living in Minnesota. Tim was extremely helpful, both during the initial search process and then through the follow up process, all the way to closing. I would definitely recommend Tim Hart as a realtor and will use him again when we have a need. ~Mark and Laurie Wahlin


"Tim is different. Tim is interested in you and your needs"

It was our recent privilege to have Tim Hart as our realtor. Bozeman is full of realtors, many of them who simply seem to be looking to hook you on the best, most expensive sale for the sake of their own commission. Tim is different. Tim is interested in you and your needs. Tim is friendly, personable and genuinely concerned about your home needs. Tim is reliable and returned texts and calls quickly. He truly helped you think through the purchase process and what you needed to effectively purchase a home for your family. Not just a house, but a home. Tim was responsive and lightning fast when helping us to bid on homes in which were interested. He helped us to find the right home for us through a very thorough search utilizing the latest in real estate technology. Once we had a contract on our new home Tim helped us find the different problems and communicated with the builder for us to get them fixed. Tim is helpful, very friendly and a very thorough agent. He takes representing you very seriously and wants you to be happy with your purchase. IF we move again, Tim will be our first call! ~Jay and Melissa Smith

My husband and I recently sold our house through Tim and Lori Hart.  From start to finish, this couple was super to deal with. They were always quick to answer our questions, and very friendly in the process. Tim and Lori were very reliable in all their undertakings with us; they were where they said they would be and always on time. I was impressed with the fact that they went through all the paperwork in detail, making sure that we understood what was happening. Lori was quite something to observe as she went about photographing our house for the websites. No detail escaped her eagle eye. Both Lori and Tim have a firm grasp of the local real estate scene and used their knowledge to gain us a quick sale.

We felt like part of the Hart’s family as we went through this process.  We were made to feel valuable and our comments and concerns were taken seriously and always responded to.If you want to buy or sell a home, I truly do recommend Lori and Tim Hart. You need an experience that is as low stress as possible, and they make that work.   ~ Gill and Duane Erlandson

"I've known Tim professionally for five years. Tim is a very knowledgeable RE Agent with high integrity. I specifically sought him out for my most recent purchase in the Big Sky area and he was a great asset in our negotiation and purchase process. He did everything and more that we could ask our agent to do and provided terrific insight along the way. I highly recommend working with Tim for your Bozeman, Big Sky and Moonlight Basin real estate needs." ~Jeff Dean

"As a first-time home-buyer and single woman, I entered into the process of selecting a dwelling with a lot of trepidation.  Unsure of the wisdom of purchasing a home at this time in my life, the ins and outs of financing, and the actual specifications that were important to me, I was blessed to work with Tim Hart as my realtor.  Tim not only walked me through dozens of homes, but he also walked me through the cumbersome process with a perpetual smile on his face, recommending mortgage financiers and inspectors, knocking on neighbors’ doors for insider information and calling the city to discuss zoning, wriggling through crawl spaces and testing fence stability.  Tim not only took the time to know the places we were touring, but he took the time to know me, my family, and our needs and wants. However, most of all, Tim became our friend.  He called to check on us when times became tough, prayed over the house with friends the day we closed, and followed-up numerous times in the months following our move.  At the end of this process, not only did I end up with the perfect home for my family, at a fair and affordable price, but I gained a friend and brother-in-Christ; someone who still cares to ask how work’s going, whether I finished the book on my coffee table, and what runs we skied on Saturday."

~Jessica Burgard

"He met us where we were, slowing down the search when we were busy, and quickening it when we had a few free days.  He discussed affordability and encouraged us to look at a house that would still allow us to continue with our lifestyle, instead of pushing us towards the biggest we could afford.  He listened to voiced and unvoiced concerns and opinions and quickly and accurately narrowed the search with criteria that I hadn’t even noticed I had."

Tim went above and beyond what we expected from our realtor. We live out of the Bozeman area and he was more than willing to accommodate us as best he could. He toured the home with our daughters and used FaceTime with us as he showed the house so we saw everything they did in “real time”. His experience dealing with offers and closing the deal were invaluable to us.  His knowledge of the market and locations in Bozeman made us feel at ease with making this purchase. Tim never lost interest in the deal and walked us through the final walk through and the closing. We could not have been happier with his professionalism and attention to detail. ~Dave and Barb Thomas

I recently called on Tim to sell my home in Bozeman.  Working with Tim was a pleasure.   He is diligent, knowledgeable, friendly, and honest.   Tim made sure the entire process went seamlessly from beginning to end.   I would highly recommend Tim to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Bozeman.

~Tanya Cunningham

"Tim Hart changed our lives 3 years ago."

"Let me just say that Tim Hart changed our lives 3 years ago in May. After not having a home for over 5 years, Tim came in to our lives and helped us buy the home of our dreams out here in River Rock. He represented my husband and I AND the seller..was extremely professional and fair to the BOTH of us. At a time when I thought it couldn't happen in our lives, Tim made EVERY effort to help us.

HE was very prompt in returning phone calls, in dealings with Wells Fargo, and also in contacting the sellers in a very timely fashion. Tim Hart was the bomb for Becky and Rodney Copenhaver. I will forever be thankful for this man, his kindness and compassion for us at a very difficult time in our lives. Oh, and not to mention. We looked at our house the very end of April and we closed May 31. I have never had a purchase of a home happen so fast. Thank you Tim Hart! You rock!"  ~Becky and Rodney Copenhaver

We have purchased both a home and a condo from Tim Hart. He is without a doubt one of the most conscientious, trustworthy people we have ever had the privilege to work with. When my aunt from California was interested in purchasing property in Bozeman, I didn’t hesitate to put her in touch with Tim. Once again, we were met with well-beyond the usual representation. He has shown us numerous properties numerous times. My aunt feared he must be getting impatient, but that never happened. I truly believe Tim cares about his clients, and is only interested in finding them the right property at the right price; and he didn’t stop until he found it. A mixture of integrity and professionalism that is hard to find these days. ~Kelly Simmons and Bill Preston

As a first time homebuyer I had a lot of questions. Tim was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He never once pushed the idea that I should hire him. Tim took the time to answer all my questions and walk me through the whole process about buying a home. If Tim was willing to work that hard without me even hiring just imagine what he was capable of doing when I did.

I was not disappointed. He sent me updates on houses in my price range almost daily. That's where I found my house. Answered my questions promptly, carefully read and explained all the paperwork. He provided competent people for the house inspection and even sent me a checklist of things to do to finish the sale. All of this plus a very nice, enthusiastic and thoughtful attitude.

For a first time buyer or even an experienced buyer I strongly recommend Tim. ~Marty Gloyna

I recommend Tim highly. We found him online. He listened to what we wanted. He spent hours taking us to various homes within our price range during times which were convenient to us. He was always available including evenings and weekends. We looked at well over 20 homes. He answered all questions promptly and responded to requests within a reasonable time. It is a very hot market in Bozeman and he supplied us with new listings as they came up and sent us information on the properies so that we could quickly determine if they were of interest to us. I would use him again and recommend him without reservation. ~Barbara Jacobi

I have thirty years of investing in commercial and residential property. Throughout this period I have encountered most personality types, the full array of sales pitches and differing professional styles.

I can say that I have been thoroughly impressed with the service Tim has offered over the twelve months. Tim’s attributes are reflected in his professional approach, this coupled with sound market knowledge of the broader Bozeman area delivers an outstanding experience.

Tim was willing to facilitate my unique requests as a foreign buyer into the US property market. On my initial visit to Bozeman Tim dedicated long hours and many miles in familiarizing me to the local market. Tim offered sound advice, with a high level of integrity and honesty to the point that I was able to purchase a property ‘site-unseen’. My purchase was supported through Tim’s network professional service providers.

My purchase was not without challenges, but I have to acknowledge Tim’s tenacity and focus on achieving results. If can sum this up, when you engage Tim Hart, you synergize as a team to successfully pursue a goal. ~Jordi Duffy

Tim helped my wife and I buy our first home. He was extremely patient with us as we explored a vast number of homes, and when we finally decided to build our own, he was very adept at drawing u p contracts to make sure it was done right and on deadline. His knowledge, expertise, integrity, and patience were incredible. We can't thank him enough, and since he and his family were such a pleasure to be around, our transaction turned into a friendship. Any time we hear folks mention buying a home, we love getting to tell them about Tim Hart. ~Alex Tanenbaum

We found the help received by Tim to surpass our greatest expectations in a market so badly bruised by conditions beyond our control. He went to the mat for us and never stopped making us feel like we were his number one clients though I knew he was very busy with several more prestigious accounts. All I can say is that there is no one better to have on your team and, seriously...may his kind increase! ~Mike Baber

Realtor. That title has a connotation, in your mind, right now. You're thinking of someone you know or once knew. You're thinking of an experience you had in real estate where you had to work with a Realtor. These days almost everyone knows a Realtor or has a friend/sibling/relative that does this. It's easy to ask on Facebook "Anyone know a good realtor in this town?" and get a few responses. Everyone will recommend a realtor they know. But is that really what you want? 

A realtor is someone that takes you through the process of making a very large and complicated purchase. They are there to help you make a tough decision, with their wisdom and expertise, and to provide counsel. They guide you through the journey of buying something that you intend to call home for a long time. 

Why would you pick one based on a recommendation of a friend that's never even been their client? 

Tim Hart is a realtor. Tim Hart is the realtor you should use. Not because I went to high school with him, or because we're old buddies, or because I get a finders fee for referrals... but because Tim Hart is an excellent realtor. 

When you're going into a home buying purchase, it doesn't matter if he's a friend of a friend that has a nice smile. You want someone with integrity, patience, and reliability. Integrity is an obvious word when describing someone providing service, but what do we mean by it when looking for a realtor? It's such a hard quality to read until you've been with the realtor for some time. Tim didn't pressure us into buying anything. When we finally found something, he allowed us to make an informed decision, without any pressure - just logical thoughts and opinions.

We looked at several homes, and even considered holding off our search until more homes came on the market. Tim gave us no grief over the idea of waiting for the home we want. He was very patient, and even showed us the same house a few times so we could really think about the decision. We never felt like we were inconveniencing him. Some realtors make you work around their schedule. Tim graciously worked with ours. 

Reliability. That's a term we all can understand, unless you drive a Saab. Tim was the Honda Civic of realtors. Always there when we needed him and often available early morning or late evening.

In our previous home purchase, in a different state, we had a realtor that was 'seasoned' and nearing retirement. There are tradeoffs when you factor age into a realtor. A younger realtor may not have the patience in looking at every home that's for sale in the area, but they may be more aggressive in negotiating. An older realtor may take things slower, but they'll have more patience in working with you. Tim is a perfect mix of experience and gusto. We thoroughly enjoyed his input and guidance when looking at the various neighborhoods, and when it came time to negotiate, Tim was spot on. He even suggested a few things we didn't think we'd get as part of the repair addendum. The relationships he has with existing brokers in the area is also a huge plus. 

Ultimately, you have to make the decision of which realtor matches your needs. Tim may not be the recommendation from your Aunt, or long lost friend from high school... but he's my recommendation.

~ Ben York, Landmark Subdivision Homeowner, May 2015