List With Tim

List With Tim

Do you know what your home is worth in today's market? It helps when you have recent market data at your finger tips!

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Front of the house signage is vital for capturing the wanderers—those who are out on their feet searching for a home in a desired area. This alerts potential buyers of your listing.


v  Flyer-Blogged, published, emailed: Ultimately this initial début of your listing gets seen by nearly 1,000 viewers.

v  Book-We do not merely put a flyer in your listing while it is on the market, we put  a binder with all pertinent information, flyers for each potential buyer to take with them, and it is all stored and designed to highlight what makes your listing unlike any other.

v  Client Business Cards-100 custom designed business cards will be printed for you, the owner, to hand out, keep, display, or do as you’d like. Each listing is a beautiful, unique, and person place to the owner. This is a great form of advertising as well as a way of noting the pride the owner feels for their home.

v  Postcards-After a six month surge, if there are still no nibbles on the listing we will send postcards out to neighbors to stimulate activity once more.

v  Calendars-Monthly calendars are sent out to our clients. Each month we feature one listing on the calendar which in turn touches a few hundred people directly.

Digital Collateral

It is the era of digital marketing. Bozeman Montana Real is at the top of the game.

v  Blogs-We blog regularly, if not daily, to keep the highest rate of traffic to our sites

v  Websites-If you decide to list with your listing will be syndicated through this parent websites as well as claim a website all to itself where your listing and your listing alone is featured. One week after choosing us, search your listing online and we are sure you will be impressed.



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