Bozeman Montana Buying a Safe Home

Buying a Safe Home

Here are a few things to think about as you start your home search. Educate yourself on today's issues before making any offers. Knowledge you gain today can save you headaches down the road!

Asbestos Concerns—Home Buying Tips

Learn about the dangers of asbestos in the home. Learn how homes in Bozeman Montana may be affected by asbestos …

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Home Heating Sources—Home Buying Tips

Home heating sources integral when purchasing a home in Bozeman, Montana. This page explains the differences between systems along with their pros and cons. …

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Home Insulation "R" Values—Home Buying Tips

Types of home insulation found in the Bozeman Montana Real Estate Market. …

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Home Insurance—Home Buying Tips

When purchasing a home in Montana, you will need to acquire homeowners insurance. In fact, all lenders will require a policy be in force prior to funding the loan …

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Lead Paint in the Home—Home Buying Tips

Prior to 1978, a home could have been painted with lead paint. Learn more about the affects of lead paint as well as methods to fix any issues and how to best go about purchasing an older home. …

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Plumbing Alert—Home Buying Tips

There are many different types of plumbing products in the Bozeman Montana Real Estate Market. Read about the benefits and drawbacks on this page. …

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Lap Siding—Home Buying Tips

What is lap siding and how expensive can it be to side a home in it? …

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Thinking of Stucco Siding for Your House?—Home Buying Tips

The benefits and drawbacks of stucco siding for homes. …

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Windows in the Home—Home Buying Tips

The types of windows found in Bozeman Montana homes. …

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Home Wiring—Home Buying Tips

Discusses the types of home wiring found in the home as well as safety issues regarding breaker boxes. …

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