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Finance Information

How much home can you afford? Use our finance center to learn about your loan options below. There are several loan programs available, and depending on your credit history, there is bound to be one that is perfect for you. Here are a few examples of the most popular programs offered today:

Learn about the home loan and mortgage process.

Learn about different types of home loans.

Learn about the differences between prequalifications and preapprovals.

Learn how applying for a loan might affect your credit score.

What personal information will you need to provide a lender?

What should you do and not do during the home loan process?

Applying for and receiving a loan can be a complicated endeavor. Many buyers do not know who to talk to or how to start the lending process. Oftentimes, buyers will just get a loan at the bank they already use. More often than not, it will work out, but sometimes buyers are leaving better deals and better loans on the table—potentially costing them thousands over the life of the loan.

Please refer to our home buyer reports to learn about home loans, mortgages and the process for financing a potential home purchase.


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