Bozeman Neighborhood Information

Bozeman Neighborhood Information

Bozeman Neighborhoods

Bozeman attracts a wide variety of people with diverse interests and distinct goals. Some might be starting a career, others a family. Some might be looking for great skiing or new favorite fishing spot. Some plan on staying for life, others, for just a few years.

Bozeman's neighborhoods reflect its people, offering a wide variety of options, price points, amenities and regulations. At Hart Real Estate Solutions, our goal is to help you find a home and neighborhood that reflects you.

Are you looking to purchase for investment? Or to grow your family? Perhaps you are downsizing or maybe even want to run a home business?

Our neighborhood pages will go over all the information you wish you had known before you moved into your new Bozeman area home.

Note: Estimates are approximate. To see a full list of active homes in the neighborhood, click each individual neighborhood below.

0 - $300,000 Neighborhoods (Properties under 300k in Bozeman)

Norton Ranch Information

Gallatin Heights Information 

$300,000 to $600,000 Neighborhoods (Properties between 300k and 600k in Bozeman)

Valley West Subdivision Information

$600,000+ Neighborhoods (Luxury Properties in Bozeman)

Sundance Springs Information

Black Bull Neighborhood and Golf Course Information

Hyalite Foothills Information