In 2013, tourism brought in a record high 3.62 billion dollars into the state of Montana. Sixty percent of tourism related businesses saw their profits rise by 10 percent. According to the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research, spending by the 11 million non-resident visitors fully supported 1 out of every 9 Montanans. That number accounted for 34,000 jobs in the entire state.

Bozeman has become a major hub for tourism in Montana. Bozeman has great tourism in both the summer and winter, due to its proximity to Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky Ski Resort, and Bridger Bowl Ski Resort. 397.3 million dollars was brought into MT from National Parks alone and Bozeman sees much of the benefits from the state’s most famous park.

Montanans have seen the benefits of increasing tourism. Taxes have lowered and more jobs are being created every day. Locals have warmed up to the idea of marketing the state, although most would still prefer to keep it a well kept secret. But tourism advertising can seen as far as Chicago, where a #MontanaMoment billboard has been placed in the city. Rising tourism will only increase the money being brought into the state and can only help improve the quality of life of its residents.


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