Montana State University: Bozeman, Montana


    The Montana Board of Regents voted unanimously to allow Montana State University in Bozeman to spend $60 Million dollars for real estate improvements including building a new 400 bed dormitory and also to upgrade existing residence dining halls.

    The new funding will be financed by a package of bonds to build the 400-bed dormitory, update three dining halls and modernize existing student housing, plus $10 million in short-term financing to complete the College of Business building.

    Montana State's current enrollment in fall of 2013 is 15,294 students. This enrollment is a record for MSU, the university has seen a 12.79% enrollment increase since fall of 2010. The football games were also packed this year with over 21,000 fans filling the stadium. The campus is filled with friendly people and is a short drive away from three world class ski resorts.                                  -Tim Hart