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Million Dollar Home Sales Increasing

by Tim Hart

Over the 2014 year in the United States, the number of 1 million dollar plus home sales rose by 8 percent. Million dollar and up homes have seen a much faster recovery than any other price point. In fact, sales for million dollar and up homes are now almost comparable to prices seen during the housing peak in 2007.

Housing analysts believe one reason why the surge has occurred has been the increase in jumbo loans being given to high priced buyers. A jumbo loan is a loan that exceeds $417,000, or in very high priced areas, $625,000. Total dollar volume for jumbo lending has grown to 20% of the total of all home loans. Jumbo loaning hasn’t been this popular since 2002.

In general, most of these million dollar homes are often sold in very small geographical areas. In many cases, the location actually creates the million dollar home. For example, the coast of Washington state has many million dollar plus homes, but it is on the waterfront, in the heart of Seattle, where even the most humble of homes can rise above a million. Big Sky, in a way, follows a similar pattern but is not at such high volumes.

Rising sales and rising prices at any price level is good news. Hopefully, the rise in million dollar home sales is a preview for what may be coming at lower price points.




Both Big Sky and Bridger Bowl Resorts both set records for skiers.  Bridger Bowl saw 217,000 skiers this season overturning the previous mark by 3%.  Big Sky saw more than 450,000 skier visits overturning the previous mark by over 100,000 skiers!   Snow fell early and often with snowpack levels well above 100% levels in all areas in Big Sky and the Gallatin Valley.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2