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Making The Internet Fall In Love With Your Brand

by Tim Hart

New social media is a world that is ever-changing and frankly hard to keep up with up as a marketing director. But there are some simple guidelines that can keep a marketer inspired and in turn, keep the internet interested in you! Increasing online exposure is a two-way street. You must enjoy working at it and the internet must work hard for you too.

  • Fact. Online internet searches are the norm.
  • Fact. Not every Realtor is knowledgeable or free enough in their time to work actively on the online world so getting an edge is worth it.
  • Fact. Google just changed their web index algorithms. “Google aims to return authoritative relevant results,” says Jesse Leimgruber, certified Google analyst and SEO pro at Rank Executives. “They now remove sites that are not authoritative, post duplicate content, and fail to add value to users. Their recent ‘Panda’ update was designed to improve search experience by demoting low-quality sites that lack useful and original content.”

Blogging Musts!

  1. Original content! That is the key. It takes time, creativity, and motivation. Sharing articles is not the answer. Just as in college classes, plagiarism now gets no credit. Original content is key.
  2. Regularity. Goggle is searching frequently for new information sources, data, and rankings. Blogging, updating content, and adjusting regularly is now a must.

Tim Hart


At Home In Bozeman--Tim Hart


The Threat of Shadow Inventory: Where Does It Stand

by Tim Hart

Shadow inventory is a real estate reference to properties that are either in foreclosure or those houses owners are delaying putting on the market until ‘the market improves.’ It creates a large degree of uncertainty because it is like a skilled poker player, not revealing the real estate market’s full hand. Data that is exclusive of shadow inventory paints a skewed picture of what the real estate market looks like.

Shadow inventory has been the looming dread behind the slowly recovering housing market. The rising number of short sales has greatly allowed the market to be more transparent.

"Although re-defaults and new delinquencies will continue to keep shadow inventory elevated, the rapid decline should prevent downward pressure on home prices going into 2013," according to Chase analysts. "Combined with better existing home sales, investors have reason to be optimistic about running recovery scenarios."

Source: “Shadow Inventory Declines by 1.2 Million in 2012,” HousingWire (Sept. 24, 2012)

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Lack of Inventory Causing a Buying Frenzy?

Tim Hart


At Home In Bozeman--Tim Hart


Housing Prices Hitting Bottom: Real Estate News

by Tim Hart

Housing Prices Hitting Bottom

Economists have finally put their two cents in and have declared they agree that housing prices have indeed hit bottom.

Over the last three years, housing prices have been volatile. There is a loose pattern of home prices rising… rising all spring and summer and then dropping off in the fall and winter, but this year is predicted to be different.  There is no foreseeable drop to come as the seasons shift.

While the fall months likely will bring out some sort of decrease in recent home price increases, “we have a much better supply and demand dynamic” than in previous years, Mark Fleming, CoreLogic’s chief economist, told The Wall Street Journal.

Better yet, home prices are boasting their largest jump this year as compared to the last six years. Even on a micro scale, comparing today’s prices with that of this February, they have risen 9.6%.

ALL VERY GOOD NEWS. Please comment and share the predictions of the market in your area.

Source: “Here’s More Evidence That Home Prices Have Hit Bottom,” The Wall Street Journal (Sept. 4, 2012)

Tim Hart


At Home In Bozeman--Tim Hart


Real Estate Industry Reacts to Changing FHA Condo Rules

by Tim Hart

The FHA has revised the rules around condos. In hopes of convincing condo associations to get certified or re-certified financing therefore opening the doors for a lower down payment for unit sellers, owners and buyers, the FHA insured mortgages once again.

This news is widely being taken with positive regard since it will “help spark home sales and help tens of thousands of condominium associations recover from the housing slump," according to the Community Associations Institute, the largest U.S. trade group in the field.

The new rules will eliminate legal liability headaches that hindered many condo boards to resist FHA certifications, raise the permissible investor-ownership limit, and increase the percentage of non-residential use allowed in an FHA certified project.



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