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Home Ownership: Is the American Dream More Within Reach

by Tim Hart
"The most recent housing affordability data should be encouraging to many prospective home buyers, because it shows that home ownership remains within reach of median-income consumers even as most local markets appear to be on a recovery path," says NAHB Chairman Rick Judson.

Nearly 75% of homes sold between Oct 2012 and December 2012 were to families earning a median income of $65,000 at a median price of $188,000.

"It is noteworthy that affordability remains historically high thanks to favorable mortgage rates even as national home price indexes show some rise in values," says NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe. 

The exterior limits of this trend are found in Utah, with 94% of home sales in the affordable range, and San Fran, California with only 28% of home sales in this same category.

Source: National Association of Home Builders



Better Marketing: Better Listings: Better Business

by Tim Hart
  • Responsive Website(s): Having the contact information for not only the real estate office as a whole, but for each agent (with a bio on what they are a specialist in) is necessary for buyers, but it is just as important for selling agents. Finding the information to schedule a showing, provide feedback, and contact for interest. This may seem like a no brainer, but finding the contact information for agents is surprisingly difficult at times. In addition, having continuity throughout the office as to what to do when a call comes in for a listing maintains the professional, high priority and maximum attention to each potential lead that comes in. 
  • Traceable Traffic:  Knowing about the marketing tendencies of each listing individually is a key indicator of how to gage a ‘good listing.’ Knowing when the listing receives market rejection, a spike in views, and even plateaus are all valuable measurements to appropriately adjust the marketing strategies for a listing. Not all sites provide agents with this information let alone allow clients to see these trends.
  • Local Market Trends: Finally, taking the trends of the individual listings and being able to expand that understand to what it means within the market at a whole is a deeply detailed-focus analytic process that takes years within the Gallatin Valley Real Estate market to be able to understand and iterate to clients. The juxtaposition of giving credence to individual listings and understanding them in the market at large is what will really set an agent apart.



Short Sale Predictions: Steep Drop Off Of Inventory

by Tim Hart

 The name short sales is becoming much more accurate to the shortening frequency short sales are entering the market. Freddie Mac initiated Standard Short Sale program on November 1st. Since then, the short sale process has become easier and more transparent.

"We estimate that the time to complete a short sale will decrease by approximately 50 percent to 75 percent," as a result of the changes, writes Tracy Mooney, Freddie Mac’s EVP in a recent blog post.

Here is a list of changes that took effect:

  • Mortgage servicers have 30 days to make a decision on a short sale once they receive an application. If they need to negotiate with a third party, they have 30 additional days. A final decision on the short sale must be made within 60 days. 
  • Mortgage servicers are required to acknowledge they received the short sale application within three days of submission. Servicers must provide weekly status updates if they end up needing more time to review the application past the initial 30-day period.
  • Mortgage servicers have authority now to approve short sales when qualifying financial hardships for home owners who are past due or current on their mortgage payments. 
  • Mortgage servicers are also now able to approve short sales without seeking a separate review by the mortgage insurance company.
  • Following a short sale, home owners may be able to qualify for up to $3,000 in relocation assistance. 

Source: “The Shorter Short Sale: Long on Borrower Benefits,” Freddie Mac Executive Perspectives Blog (Jan. 22, 2013)



Housing 2013: Predictions For What Is To Come

by Tim Hart

Liniger recently offered up some of his predictions for the new year:

  • More buyers and sellers return to the housing market. 
  • Home sales increase 6-7 percent while home prices increase 3-4 percent. 
  • Inventory of for-sale homes will hit bottom. 
  • Higher-priced listings begin to sell more. 
  • The number of distressed properties continues to drop. 
  • The shadow inventory continues to fall. 
  • Short sales rise, reaching a peak. 
  • Mortgage rates rise slightly by year's end from record lows. 
  • Lending remains constrained for home buyers. 
  • Home affordability remains at record highs.  

Watch Liniger’s video to learn more about his housing predictions.

Source: RE/MAX


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