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    Montana State University has been listed as one of the best colleges for veterans. Out of the 234 universities on the list Bozeman's MSU made it. The rankings were published in the magazine U.S. News & World Report to help veterans receive a college education. 

    According to Brenda York, director of MSU Disability, Re-entry and Veteran Services, “Montana State University has been diligently working for years to provide support to our student-veterans and help them succeed. We’re very proud of this important work, and we are pleased that our efforts have been recognized by U.S. News & World Report.” 

    To qualify for the rankings, universities and colleges had to be certified for the 9/11 GI Bill and participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program and Service members Opportunity Colleges Consortium. The rankings have information on universities that have federal benefits, such as, tuition and housing assistance to veterans and active service members. All of the schools that were ranked had good scores in graduation rates, faculty resources, reputation, and categories of academic excellence.

-Broker Tim Hart

New Hotel in Place of Kenyon Noble Building in Downtown Bozeman

by Tim Hart

    The empty Kenyon Noble building is to be torn down and have a hotel put into its place. The building has been empty since 2006 when the business relocated to Oak Street. 25 East Mendenhall Street in Bozeman, Montana is the address of what is soon to become the new hotel. A proposal was filed for an upscale 104 room hotel that is nationally branded, however, the brand has not been released at this point in time. Kenyon Noble originally moved locations to make it possible for a performing arts center to be built but these plans were canceled shortly after. The vacant lot has finally found a viable real estate plan, the hotel is now in the proposal stage. Our home in Bozeman is growing rapidly.

-Tim Hart 

Montana State to Spend $60 Million on New Projects

by Tim Hart

Montana State University: Bozeman, Montana


    The Montana Board of Regents voted unanimously to allow Montana State University in Bozeman to spend $60 Million dollars for real estate improvements including building a new 400 bed dormitory and also to upgrade existing residence dining halls.

    The new funding will be financed by a package of bonds to build the 400-bed dormitory, update three dining halls and modernize existing student housing, plus $10 million in short-term financing to complete the College of Business building.

    Montana State's current enrollment in fall of 2013 is 15,294 students. This enrollment is a record for MSU, the university has seen a 12.79% enrollment increase since fall of 2010. The football games were also packed this year with over 21,000 fans filling the stadium. The campus is filled with friendly people and is a short drive away from three world class ski resorts.                                  -Tim Hart

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