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    How I Got Here

    My family and I visited Big Sky, Montana, for the first time in 2004, having road-tripped all the way from Ohio. The map said we drove 1750 miles to get here and it was entirely worth it. We’d just experienced an incredible day of fly fishing, and my wife and I stood on the deck admiring the beauty before us. We soaked in the view of Lone Peak as the sun slipped behind its rocky shoulder, seeming to drop straight into the Madison River Valley beyond.

    I turned to my wife and said, “Honey, I’m home.” 

    She gave me a puzzled look and said, “ No, you’re exactly 1750 miles from home.”

    “No, honey,” I said, “this is home. This is where we are supposed to be.”

    At the end of our stay, we drove back to Toledo, got our affairs in order, and moved home to Big Sky Country as quick as we could.

    Where I Came From

    I grew up, went to school, met my wife and started a family in Toledo, Ohio. After 15 years with a large marketing communications company,  I ventured into the world of real estate investing. I always knew being a sophisticated investor is the most important skill a business person can acquire, and I deeply believed in real estate as an excellent investment vehicle. Over the long term, even with the recent housing burst, that has proven true for me.

    Practice What You Preach

    My first investments, which I still have in my portfolio, were single-family homes in Ohio. But it seemed that every time my family and I traveled to resort areas, we’d look at and end up acquiring real estate. Our resort portfolio grew to include a home in Indiana on an all-sports lake ( ); one in Grayling, Michigan on a fly stream (no surprise there); one in Panama City on the beach; and a mountain home in the Big Sky Mountain Village (  I began to realize all the benefits of resort real estate: the opportunity for appreciation, the power of leverage to exponentially increase returns, the use of rental income to reduce or completely eliminate expenses, the outstanding tax benefits and deductions, and the privilege of visiting beautiful places while ‘working’.

    As a seasoned real estate investor, I know what to look for, and I know what questions to ask when helping others to find the right fit for them, whether it’s a first home, an investment property, a luxury estate, or anything in between. My investments also mean that I don’t rely on selling you something to sustain my family‘s way of life. It’s an advantage for which I’m immensely grateful, and it’s one that allows me to always put your needs first on your real estate search.

    My Passion

    With our move to Bozeman in the Big Sky country, it was a natural step for me to help others reap the same benefits from real estate investments that I’ve had, whether it be a primary residence or a real estate investment portfolio. I continue to manage my real estate portfolio, but the help of management companies means I can focus on my passion: helping others navigate Southwest Montana’s real estate market.

    Let me put my passion to work for you!


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